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marketing wheelIn business, it’s always important to have a marketing plan. What is a marketing plan for, you ask? A marketing plan starts with honestly examining what you are currently doing to affirm and promote your business, and just as importantly, what you not doing or what is not working.

At this point you may feel your stomach muscles tightening as you say the question on every business owner’s mind: “So how much is it going to cost me?”

The answer is “surprisingly, less than you thought.” Yes, the cost for a marketing plan will be an almost insignificant expense but the value of it will be that you will have an immediate sense of understanding about what it is that you can do to immediately begin seeing results.

Last year, I revamped my own Writer For Hire website and optimized it for mobile devices. Feel free to take a look at www.writerpatkramer.com or visit my Writer For Hire Facebook page. Remember, being active on the social media will lead to more referrals. If you would like a one hour tutorial on using LinkedIn (a $225.00 value, but $195.00 for a limited time), please contact me.

As I celebrate my 26th year as Writer For Hire®, I’m committed more than ever to helping my business clients become more successful by creating content for marketing and publicity. I’m here to help you with any writing efforts or challenges you may have.

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