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Pasadena, CA (August 19, 2019) – Award – winning Pasadena Family Mediator and Attorney Mark Baer today announced that he is expanding his Conflict Resolution practice to include business disputes. With three decades of experience in conflict and dispute resolution, Mediator Baer has received numerous Southern California Super Lawyer honors for his skills in dispute resolution. He has been widely quoted in studies, law review articles, and books for his expertise in using empathy as part of the process of conflict resolution.

On expanding into the business sector for conflict resolution, Mediator Baer points out that the knowledge, skills and insights he uses in Family Law are transferrable to conflicts and disputes involving businesses. He states, “In my conflict resolution consulting practice, I help people to re-think their negotiation and problem-solving strategies and provide them with new tools and approaches with which to address difficult situations and challenging business negotiations in a calm, constructive and principled manner in order to achieve better outcomes.”

He adds, “Business people tend to understand the value of resolving conflicts and disputes in a mutually successful manner to preserve, restore and possibly even enhance existing relationships. Business is relational, whether those relationships are business-to-business, business-to-consumer, employer-employee, employee-employee, or of other types. The manner in which businesses handle their relationships impacts their financial bottom-line both in terms of revenue and costs.

Citing a recent business dispute that he helped resolve, he describes how a client contacted him for a dispute that involved a breach of contract by the other party following a multi-decade relationship. By looking at it from a human standpoint, he was able to help her understand why the other party was making what appeared to be a bad business decision. He then took her through the process of understanding why they might have made that decision, including addressing the emotions that were likely involved. Through this process, his client achieved a better understanding of how to resolve the issue in a mutually satisfactory manner and was able to improve that relationship, making it stronger than it had ever been.

In addition to providing family mediation and conflict resolution consulting services (such as for divorce and separation, probate and estate disputes, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, and child custody matters), Mediator Baer says by expanding his conflict and dispute resolution practice to include businesses will allow many more people to experience the benefits of his knowledge, skills and insights.

While conflicts are typically relational and “it takes two to tango,” he notes that even if just one party changes their approach, it can lead to a more positive outcome by changing the dynamics of the conflict itself. Whereas mediation involves agreement by all parties to utilize that process, the type of mediation and the actual mediator(s) involved in that process, conflict resolution consulting can be employed by just one party at almost any stage of conflicts and disputes.

Since conflict resolution consulting is not restricted by geographical borders like the practice of law, Baer is able to work with clients on a long distance basis using Skype (or other internet apps), over the phone or in person, if desired. This allows for consultations with clients anywhere in the USA or in other parts of the world.

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