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August 12, 2019, Agoura Hills, CA —   Jack Schachtel, President of CTP Solutions, a recognized leader of media and technology solutions, today announced the certification of Inkjet Media Solutions by major OEMs to provide approved, specialized inkjet media for custom applications. This includes ID cards, pressure seal mailers, and custom substrates to support an increasing number of Inkjet Media Solutions’ customers’ requirements.

“We’re really excited to consult, evaluate and deliver our OEM – approved specialized inkjet media for our customers’ custom applications,” states Mr. Schachtel. ”With the growing number of companies switching over from digital production printing to inkjet production printing, there is an increasing need for custom media. The projection is that digital production will cease to be the dominant production mode based on inkjet media’s ability to deliver a higher full color resolution output of 1200 x 1200 DPI while increasing production speed by 200% – 500%, all at a savings of 80% in consumable cost.

“With our new certification, we anticipate that Inkjet Media Solutions will play a key role in providing this specialized media to a number of industries, among them: healthcare, government, municipalities, banks, insurance, retail, higher education, consumer goods, and those companies that utilize direct mail.

“As with all of our media, CTP Solutions provides a consultative approach to understanding our customers’ requirements so we can best match our custom media applications. We have over 30 years of experience in providing specialty media for the most difficult and challenging applications and have done so for thousands of customers, nationwide.

With the rapid explosion of full color production inkjet printers, inkjet technology is revolutionizing print and packaging production and is expected printing to surpass digital as its benefits become widely realized. Inkjet full color production delivers huge savings – at a cost of under .01 cents per image (as opposed to 5.5 cents with digital printing). By positioning Inkjet Media Solutions as an early leader of inkjet media, Schachtel says their customers will achieve a wider competitive edge at greater cost savings.

Inkjet Media Solutions, a division of CTP Solutions, has offices across the country available to serve the specialized requirements of its customers. For more information, please visit: www.InkjetMediaSolutions.com or contact, Jack Schachtel, Inkjet Media Solutions at: [email protected] or call: 818-597-1222 X304