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City of Hope: Hope News & City News

In addition to working as the PR writer for a medical surgery center, as a writer for an oncology publication, and developing press kits for a number of medical professionals, I worked as a Medical Writer for City of Hope National Cancer Center in Duarte, CA.  In addition to writing stories about their cancer research, I developed articles about patients and other news-oriented subjects for this top medical research and cancer and diabetes treatment facility. Here are some examples of stories I authored as a medical writer:

City of Hope Announces Gold Line Expansion

Memories of a Beloved Sister’s Battle With Cancer

Prostate Cancer Support Group Helps Men Cope

Researcher Uses Scorpion Venom in Fighting Brain Cancer  


Tissue Density Key to Breast Cancer Risk

Angel Flight West: For faraway patients, plane trips are just the ticket

Oncologist Brings Broad Expertise

Patient and doctor use humor to lighten up cancer treatments

Researchers Aim to Boost Survivorship

Scientists seek out genetic roots of breast cancer among Latinas