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Beauty & Wellness

“I enjoyed your presentation at the networking meeting and learned a lot. You covered quite a bit of ground in a short time and inspired me to maximize my utilization of LinkedIn. Thank you, Pat! I started to apply what I learned immediately.”  Marci Spiegler, Somatic Educator, Move To Improve

“Pat is truly amazing and purely talented. I needed work done on an inspirational website/platform/App we are building as a way of connecting humanity and giving back, and giving love and support to one another. I looked Pat up a month and half ago or so and felt inclined to reach out and work with her. She came to the rescue and worked with us in creating a masterpiece of love and pure satisfaction. We at OmYao Channel 777 and Spokes Digital are enormously satisfied with her work. She worked with us through a series of interviews unlike a company I used before. Pat is highly recommended ??❤️?? and worth every buck invested!”  JoJo Yao, Founder at LyfSeeker Healthcare

“I would like to highly recommend Pat to any person that needs help with their marketing material information to use like flyers, white paper, etc. She has a very professional way of putting into words what your professional services are so that your potential clients or referral network knows exactly what type of services/products you specialize in. She just edited my flyer and did an amazing job in making it look very professional, easy to understand and gets the point across very clearly. She also helped me get my LinkedIn professional page done as well using the same material so you kind of get two jobs in one shot. Thank you, Pat, for making me look so good.”  Mona Marcos, Medicare Plans & Senior Services

  • Adam & Eve Skin Salon
  • Andrea Simmons, M.F.C.C.
  • Special Touch
  • BeautiControl Cosmetics, Inc.
  • Besame Cosmetics
  • Brigitta Blumer, Yoga Instructor
  • Body & Soul Massage
  • Carrie Leigh Extremes Beauty Care
  • Cosmetic Laser Surgery Center
  • Country Club Fitness Intl.
  • Deedee Marcelli, Make up Artist
  • Deena Hubert, Holistic Practitioner
  • Diane Lenkin, M.F.C.C.
  • Diane Lipson, Dietician
  • Freedom-Touch, Inc.
  • Golf Forever
  • Health Club Management
  • Herbalife International
  • Ingrid Rosen, Home Healthcare
  • Li Kendrick, Beauty
  • Lori Tabak, Make up Artist
  • Magic Touch Massage
  • Mariana Chicet Skincare
  • Me2 for Beauty
  • Muscle Up Fitness
  • Natures Brands
  • Nick Caltran-Whitney Fitness
  • Noevir Skin Products
  • Omnitrician
  • OmYao Channel 777
  • Paul Mostman, Hypnotherapist
  • Phases Salon
  • Ruth Jones, M.F.C.C.
  • Sharon Ball, Feng Shui
  • Sharon Dunas, M.F.C.C.
  • Sonage International
  • Super Brucito Vitamins
  • Susan Block Fitness
  • Taryn Jeffrey Massage
  • Teresa Gaffin Massage
  • The Walking Center