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Older members of families are the source of a rich history that fades with time. By capturing your elder members’ memories on paper, you can help preserve stories that can be told time and time again while also carrying forward a legacy that younger generations can hold onto.

Since the onset of services like ancestry.com, many people are now wanting to know from where they came: Who were their ancestors and what were their lives like? In my own research of my family, I was able to create a lineage that extended back from my four grandparents to their countries of origin. I then interviewed the existing members of my family to create a living history – something I wish I had done years ago!

I can’t tell you how valuable this information has been, for both me and my extended family, with each person contributing a valuable piece of the puzzle, making the story that much richer.  I’ve met – and am still meeting – relatives that I never knew who have learned about my story and want to introduce themselves and share theirs.

Writing one’s memoirs can be as simple as three, 1 hour conversations or it can be a series of five or more phone or in person conversations.  I can also edit what you’ve written and pull it together into a completed story..

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