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Press Release Process

The Press Release process starts when a client has a NEW idea, a NEW process, a NEW product, or an upcoming event for which they want media attention. For this, I provide two levels of service:

Phase 1: 
1. Interviewing you then writing a press release that will capture the media’s attention.
2. Inputing keywords that link back to your website to create references to you/your company on the Internet.
3. Setting up the release with the newswire service for distribution, far and wide, to news media and your chosen industries.

4. After the release is issued, I will track the results of the press release starting with the day it goes out.
5. I will report back to you on where your release gets published (online), the number of “views” by readers and the number of “clicks” on your links on three different days after the release goes out.  You will be able to use the links to the medias’ websites for your marketing efforts and follow the statistics as they change and grow over the next week.

Phase 2: 
In addition to Phase 1, I can additionally pitch the press release I write about you/your company to ten or more media that would be a good fit for your release.  I will contact each media outlet and pitch the story to them, send them the release, then follow up to see if they will do a story. At each stage, I will contact you with the results of the media pitches.

My direct pitch of your story cuts through all the delays in editors finding your story (or not) from the hundreds of emails they get every day.  It also puts them into an action mode to make a decision, rather than waiting to see if they even read your release.

Having me represent you/your company is also helpful to the media as they do not like to take calls from news sources, directly.  As a longtime news writer, I have credibility with the media and can best represent the story to them as well as suggesting different angles for future stories on you.

Listen to Pat Kramer’s interview about the Power of a Well Written Press Release as she speaks to Exit Coach Radio’s Bill Black.

For a breakdown of the costs for a press release campaign, please contact Pat: [email protected].