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Articles & Blogs

Back in the early ’90s, companies paid lots of money to have PR Agencies get them into the News. The average rate started at $3,500 a month and could exceed $10,000 a month for some of the Hollywood and NY agencies.

Today, things are different. If you are creative and a good writer, you can write your own articles and blogs and find many low-cost or free sites where you can get them published. The key is that you have to have unique, news-worthy ideas about which to write – and of course – you have to be a good writer!

LinkedIn is one of the main business social media sites where companies and individuals can post their blogs. If you post or blog on a regular basis, and if what you are posting is of value to your target audience, you will increase your credibility and start seeing more traffic going to your website. I regularly brainstorm with my clients to come up with ideas for blogs and then, I interview them and write their blogs. Here are some examples of articles and blogs written for clients:

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