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Since founding Writer For Hire, Southern California’s independent writing service agency, Content Writer and Ghostwriter Pat Kramer has worked with a variety of industries and professional service firms. These range from mid-sized companies and business professionals to non-profits, public relations and advertising agencies, educational institutions, medical offices, real estate firms, wealth advisory firms, banking and non-traditional financers, CPAs and accounting firms, and many different news media.

Pat customizes everything she writes to fit the needs of her clients. This always involves interviews with her clients so that she can collaborate with them and effectively communicate their expertise to their chosen audience. 

Whether writing news-oriented articles and blogs or promotional content, such as: website content, press releases, newsletters and e-zines, books and memoirs, blogs and CVs, LinkedIn profiles or speeches, Pat offers professional editing, proofreading, and a variety of referral services that can advance her clients to a higher level of communications.

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