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When I worked as a news editor for radio, I was in a position to help many companies promote their events by selected their press releases for the news. Over the last 25 years, I’ve worked on the other side of the table, writing press releases for my clients and then pitching them to the news media. I know what it takes to write a good headline and I know how to pitch the media on the press releases I write.  From my experience as both a news person and a business writer, it is my belief that press releases are the single most powerful way to generate visibility for a company — if you have a legitimate reason to write a press release.

So when do you use a press release?  There are many different opportunities awaiting you right now.  If you are an attorney, maybe you just won a major law suit, or if you are an insurance broker, there is new legislation that is about to take affect that will influence your clients’ businesses.

Charity events, speaking events, winning awards, and participating in news events are also good opportunities to issue a press release.  You can also speak about an event in the news or a new trend in your industry. Whatever you choose to write about, make sure your press release uses a unique angle or a new take on what you are commenting about. In other words, every press release needs to have a unique ‘hook’ to make it newsworthy.

How often should a company issue a press release?  I usually recommend bi-monthly or quarterly but you can also issue a press release whenever there is something important to announce. For me to work with you on a news release, please give me two – three weeks notice so that we can set up the right strategy to put your release in motion.

If you choose another PR writer, make sure that person doesn’t offend any news media that they contact. If someone comes across too pushy or insistent, they could ruin your chances for ever being contacted as a news source.

I wish you much success in your press release endeavors. I know this will open the doors for you to build your brand and your credibility for a long time to come.