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My grandmother at age 16, 1917

Everyone has a story to tell – and for that reason, Writer For Hire Pat Kramer has created the Lifelong Stories memoir writing service to capture the valuable memories our elders hold that we don’t want to lose.

Over the years, Pat has written memoirs for business professionals – about them and their businesses, families, and senior members of a family. In addition to preserving their legacies, these memoirs often bring family members together as they share in the reading of mutual memories.

Memoirs written by Writer For Hire include:

“The Rebel and the Rabbi’s Son,” Izzy Eichenstein’s memoirs of growing up in a Jewish Hassidic dynasty and choosing to leave the fold,

“Born in Basra,” by Basi, a memoir of her early years as a Jewish child during a time of turmoil in Iraq and her subsequent journey and successful career in America.

“My Life in Retrospect,” by Los Angeles investment banking founder Lawrence H. Raised by a father who was Austin, Texas’s first Jewish motorcycle cop, and a mother, who had the distinction of being the first woman to attend business school at Boston University, his memoir is both a tribute to his parents and a legacy of his own life.

Senior Memoirs:

Memoirs of Julia Vera Keys, Catalina Island’s first woman pioneer, as related by her granddaughter Susan Keys;

Dorothy W. who spent three years of her childhood in a Japanese internment camp with her family;

Lynn N., who survived four years in the jungles of Cambodia after the Khmer Rouge began their campaign of terror and annihilation.

Shirley F., a New York hat model in the 1930’s and the daughter of a New Jersey bootlegger;

Janette Mc., raised in Glasgow, Scotland in a dirt-poor family, she moved to America and started a family and later, earned her teaching credential to work with Special Needs adults;

Vito D., born on Long Island to a working-class Italian family, Vito recognized his potential, early on, earning a college degree before becoming a banking official in Los Angeles;

Virginia W.’s, memoir describes her early life on the prairie, coming to California, raising her family, her life with her oil industry executive husband and after his death, a second marriage which brought her many more years of happiness.

Edward Z., whose career in the military earned him top honors in Vietnam as a Major.

Marta L., who left Cuba two weeks before the Cuban missile crisis and didn’t see her mother for another four years.

Family Memoirs are also quite important. In addition to writing her Ukranian grandmother’s story and that of her German/Austrian maternal grandparents, Pat has written family histories for:

Nancy W., whose family records go back to four Revolutionary War Patriots.

Ken Y., whose family lineage includes a Civil War commander.

Family Business Memoir:   Having a Family Business Memoir written has helped to preserve the stories of multiple generations. Pat has written family business histories for Ward Service, the second oldest, family-run auto business in California, and is currently working on a family business memoir for an international carpet importer whose family business is now over 120 years old!

Who do you know and love who holds the stories of their family?