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On August 14, 2022, I participated in the Independent Writers of Southern California’s annual IWOSC Reads Its Own event, where myself and 13 other writers were selected to share from our varied writings. Writing is my passion, it is my livelihood, and I try to bring to life the stories of my clients in a vivid, interesting, and readable manner, whether I’m writing a bio or web content for a business professional or ghostwriting a book or an historical memoir for a senior.

At this event, I chose to read a portion of a memoir that I wrote this year for a woman named Rita T. who journeyed to America from India to pursue her education after a very successful start to her career serving in the government of Indira Gandhi. Rita has had a very interesting life but one of the areas I found most fascinating was her description of the life of women at the turn of the 20th century (early 1900’s). India was then still arranging marriages and the caste system was regulating who could marry who. If you would like to hear more about this, I was the very first reader at this event. Fast forward to 6:55 seconds into this presentation and you can hear me read for 7 minutes about the life of Rita, women, her parents and her grandparents in “old India.” Remember to fast forward to 6:55 into this presentation: http://chilp.it/b11ebfd