Pasadena, CA (August 19, 2019) – Award – winning Pasadena Family Mediator and Attorney Mark Baer today announced that he is expanding his Conflict Resolution practice to include business disputes. With three decades of experience in conflict and dispute resolution, Mediator Baer has received numerous Southern California Super Lawyer honors for his skills in dispute resolution. He has been widely quoted in studies, law review articles, and books for his expertise in using empathy as part of the process of conflict resolution.

On expanding into the business sector for conflict resolution, Mediator Baer points out that the knowledge, skills and insights he uses in Family Law are transferrable to conflicts and disputes involving businesses. He states, “In my conflict resolution consulting practice, I help people to re-think their negotiation and problem-solving strategies and provide them with new tools and approaches with which to address difficult situations and challenging business negotiations in a calm, constructive and principled manner in order to achieve better outcomes.”

He adds, “Business people tend to understand the value of resolving conflicts and disputes in a mutually successful manner to preserve, restore and possibly even enhance existing relationships. Business is relational, whether those relationships are business-to-business, business-to-consumer, employer-employee, employee-employee, or of other types. The manner in which businesses handle their relationships impacts their financial bottom-line both in terms of revenue and costs.

Citing a recent business dispute that he helped resolve, he describes how a client contacted him for a dispute that involved a breach of contract by the other party following a multi-decade relationship. By looking at it from a human standpoint, he was able to help her understand why the other party was making what appeared to be a bad business decision. He then took her through the process of understanding why they might have made that decision, including addressing the emotions that were likely involved. Through this process, his client achieved a better understanding of how to resolve the issue in a mutually satisfactory manner and was able to improve that relationship, making it stronger than it had ever been.

In addition to providing family mediation and conflict resolution consulting services (such as for divorce and separation, probate and estate disputes, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, and child custody matters), Mediator Baer says by expanding his conflict and dispute resolution practice to include businesses will allow many more people to experience the benefits of his knowledge, skills and insights.

While conflicts are typically relational and “it takes two to tango,” he notes that even if just one party changes their approach, it can lead to a more positive outcome by changing the dynamics of the conflict itself. Whereas mediation involves agreement by all parties to utilize that process, the type of mediation and the actual mediator(s) involved in that process, conflict resolution consulting can be employed by just one party at almost any stage of conflicts and disputes.

Since conflict resolution consulting is not restricted by geographical borders like the practice of law, Baer is able to work with clients on a long distance basis using Skype (or other internet apps), over the phone or in person, if desired. This allows for consultations with clients anywhere in the USA or in other parts of the world.

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August 12, 2019, Agoura Hills, CA —   Jack Schachtel, President of CTP Solutions, a recognized leader of media and technology solutions, today announced the certification of Inkjet Media Solutions by major OEMs to provide approved, specialized inkjet media for custom applications. This includes ID cards, pressure seal mailers, and custom substrates to support an increasing number of Inkjet Media Solutions’ customers’ requirements.

“We’re really excited to consult, evaluate and deliver our OEM – approved specialized inkjet media for our customers’ custom applications,” states Mr. Schachtel. ”With the growing number of companies switching over from digital production printing to inkjet production printing, there is an increasing need for custom media. The projection is that digital production will cease to be the dominant production mode based on inkjet media’s ability to deliver a higher full color resolution output of 1200 x 1200 DPI while increasing production speed by 200% – 500%, all at a savings of 80% in consumable cost.

“With our new certification, we anticipate that Inkjet Media Solutions will play a key role in providing this specialized media to a number of industries, among them: healthcare, government, municipalities, banks, insurance, retail, higher education, consumer goods, and those companies that utilize direct mail.

“As with all of our media, CTP Solutions provides a consultative approach to understanding our customers’ requirements so we can best match our custom media applications. We have over 30 years of experience in providing specialty media for the most difficult and challenging applications and have done so for thousands of customers, nationwide.

With the rapid explosion of full color production inkjet printers, inkjet technology is revolutionizing print and packaging production and is expected printing to surpass digital as its benefits become widely realized. Inkjet full color production delivers huge savings – at a cost of under .01 cents per image (as opposed to 5.5 cents with digital printing). By positioning Inkjet Media Solutions as an early leader of inkjet media, Schachtel says their customers will achieve a wider competitive edge at greater cost savings.

Inkjet Media Solutions, a division of CTP Solutions, has offices across the country available to serve the specialized requirements of its customers. For more information, please visit: or contact, Jack Schachtel, Inkjet Media Solutions at: or call: 818-597-1222 X304


On November 12, 2019, the State of California’s newest tax initiative aims to hit the most vulnerable commercial property owners, those who own properties worth $2 million or more, basically mom and pop businesses and property owners. The California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act, which seeks to raise money for public schools, if passed, would remove the Prop 13 protection on commercial properties with an assessed value of $2 million or more.

The State of California, the sponsor of this initiative, justifies this new tax by claiming that there are a large number of commercial property owners who are not paying their fair share of taxes, and identify this group as the “largest corporations and wealthiest investors.”  However in today’s market, nearly all commercial properties would exceed the $2 million threshold very easily.

Who would be most harmed by this initiative?  Small business owners and investors of commercial income properties, i.e. retirees who are living off the income generated by properties they own. Primarily, those who bought properties, post – recession under the $2 million threshold will see a huge increase on their property taxes if this passes.

The Prop 13 protection has been in place since the mid 1970’s, setting property tax values based on the purchase price with only incremental increases, rather than the market assessed value. Without this protection, any commercial property owner whose property is worth $2 million or more will be taxed 1.26% every year on the market assessed value, rather than the purchase price they paid.

For example, a property purchased in 2012 for $1 million would now pay property taxes of roughly $12,000 a year. If this initiative passes in November, that same property, which is now worth well over the $2 million threshold, would be taxed at about $24,000 a year. At Triniti Partners, we refer to the California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act as “the claw-back initiative,” since it is focused on taking away the longtime protection of Prop 13 on income properties and small businesses.

Looking ahead, not only would this new tax harm those who own commercial property, it would also hurt tenants in commercial properties.

In commercial leases, if the lease is drafted correctly, the landlord has the ability to raise the rent on tenants by the percentage increase of their property tax. (If you are a landlord and do not have this provision in your lease, you would not be able to ‘share the pain’ with your tenants, but rather, you would be forced to absorb this huge tax increase).

As a longtime commercial agent and the owner of commercial real estate, myself, my fear is many voters will think that this initiative is justified because “only the largest corporations and wealthiest property owners” – as it is worded – will have to pay. However, this is simply not true.

As a result, that increase would be passed on to tenants who are leasing space in a commercial building – and they, in turn – will pass on this increase to their customers. The Big Picture is that everyone will be paying more for products and services provided in the State of California if this initiative goes through.

Triniti Partners is working to create awareness of this very high cost initiative which would raise taxes at the expense of those who could least afford it. While the public schools in California are a worthy cause to support, The California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act is the wrong way to fund them. We saw a similar measure aimed at raising taxes on residential properties with Measure EE last June.

It’s difficult enough to be in business in California, especially if you are a small businesses. We believe small businesses should be rewarded for trying to live the American Dream in today’s economy and every effort should be made to entice businesses to come to California – not to leave for other states or other countries.

If you are a commercial property owner or lease property for your business and you are concerned about how this tax would affect you, Triniti Partners may be able to help you.

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