I’ve been a full-time writer for over 25 years, and from a business perspective, it has been a pleasure – most of the time. I love the ability to work from home where I get to enjoy a view of the majestic San Gabriel Mountains rising dramatically to the north and birds building nests in the yucca trees in my backyard.

Working from home allows me to write anytime I feel like it, such as when I have a large project that requires burning the midnight oil, or when I need to do some extra research on a topic in which I’m interested. These factors lend themselves to my creativity and inspire me to do the best work possible for my clients.

Now the down side: Just as politics affect the stock market, it also affects my clients’ interest in making a commitment to their marketing and public relations efforts. We all know that marketing is necessary to expand our business and that the efforts we put in usually pay off in the long run. Sometimes, our marketing efforts also give us “instant gratification,” but not always.

Regardless of what’s going on in the world – or in politics this week – as business owners, we need to maintain a presence ‘out there.’ If we don’t, there will be a measurable lag in our sales and marketing results, so we must always remain accountable to doing something to market our business.

When times are uncertain – as they are today – people might be hesitant to make decisions that require spending money. This isn’t good for their business – and they know that on a rational level, but we human beings are emotional creatures and sometimes we don’t think things through.

So today, let me be your “voice of reason” and remind you that today is as good a day as any to be doing something positive for your business. Whether it’s writing a blog, a biography, a resume, updating your web content or generating ideas for your next press release, get the ball rolling now so that you can start reaping the rewards from your efforts — and today is as good a day as any to get started!

How to Get the MOST Out of Your LinkedIn Experience

As a marketing and public relations writer, I continually train business professionals on how to use LinkedIn more effectively to improve their marketing strategies and expand their brand presence. After all, LinkedIn is the largest and most effective (SEO-wise) social media site for companies, worldwide, and it’s free!

Over the past 20 years, I’ve given presentations to company CEOs and COOs at Vistage, at financial and real estate industry associations, and for many kinds of business-oriented networking groups. I’ve also individually worked with management and staff at mid-size companies, writing their LinkedIn professional profiles and teaching them how to use it. It’s a well known fact that your marketing and PR campaigns are going to be far more effective when you have everyone on board (and knowledgeable about) posting approved messaging to their unique distribution channels.

For example, a client’s national real estate brokerage recently asked me to write a press release announcing their expansion into Asia. When the press release went out, not only did it receive national media exposure but each of the executives and franchisees also posted it, here, on LinkedIn. In doing so, the release was seen by several thousand more viewers generating significant more influence for the brand. That’s the power of LinkedIn!

In another instance, a client asked me to write a press release for a book that she had just published. After writing and distributing the release to the national media, I instructed my client to have her staff utilize LinkedIn and other social media to announce that her book was available. Within 24-hours of doing that, this book shot up to #1 Hot New Release and a Best Seller status on I attribute these dynamic results to: 1) generating a press release to announce the book’s availability, 2) using LinkedIn and other social media to further spread the message, and 3) being able to identify and capture the target market for which this book was written.

If you have a product or service that you are looking to promote, make sure that every one who works for you has a stellar LinkedIn profile set up and that they know how to use it. This is called “positioning.” Then, when it’s time to make a big announcement, everyone will aligned on this common goal and the success of your marketing and PR campaign will exponentially increase.

I have worked with companies in both the service and product industries for over 25 years now generating messaging that helps them get noticed and builds their target market. Call me if you want to get your staff trained on using LinkedIn or if you need new or updated marketing and PR materials to represent your company. When it comes to LinkedIn, you simply can’t afford to sit passively and wait for others to respond. You have to be willing to take action. Once you start doing so, you will gradually begin seeing a difference in your marketing efforts.