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Mannequin on a Carousel, the first in the Scrolls of Esilon Fantasy Trilogy

Fiction/Fantasy writer William S. Watson today announced the launch of “Mannequin on a Carousel,” the first book in his long- awaited series, “The Scrolls of Esilon Fantasy Trilogy.”  Author Watson has spent the past three decades perfecting his three-novel epic, considered his life work.

Raised on Marvel Comics, in particular, “Dr. Strange,” Watson has created a futuristic world that incorporates classic Norse and Aztec mythology and was influenced strongly by Michael Moorcock’s “eternal champion” series.  Add to this, a cast of off-beat, quirky Pythonesque characters and a uniquely complex storyline begins to emerge. The 633-page Mannequin on a Carousel, now available on Kindle, introduces readers to the world of “The Scrolls of Esilon Fantasy Trilogy.”

This unique and magical series takes place on the lone planet of Esilon, a world with three moons and one sun but no stars, trapped in its own pocket dimension. Its quirky, human characters and non-human sentient beings include cat people, bird people, lizard people, dwarfs, and shape-shifters, each with highly – recognizable ambitions and desires. In a world so diverse, all such beings are ruled by a much smaller group of godlike creatures, some benign and some driven solely by the will to power.

In Mannequin on a Carousel, readers learn, “When the goddess of justice is all but destroyed, her all-too-human priestess, Vivienne, must grow up fast. It is Vivienne who must lead an epic band of heroes on an important, life-or-death quest. For the Moon’s followers are determined to protect freedom for all, as they seek to restore the moon goddess, Justina, to her rightful place in the sky.”

Watson states, “This story started as a Dungeons and Dragons game in my early 20’s. After a few years of playing, I became aware of this storyline emerging from my subconscious. This world was so likeable that I didn’t want to lose it, and I began writing the story down. Eventually, it took on a life of its own. Since then, Scortch, a dwarven character in “Mannequin,” became my avatar for strength and toughness, helping me through some extremely painful periods in my life.

“Scortch gave me the strength to survive, and has become a sustaining force in my life, ever since,” says Bill. “No wonder the magical world described in my books took on a life of its own, demanding to be told. Having these characters in my life has been a cathartic process. I believe that also may be true for many of my readers as they identify their own avatars, who are waiting to take them on an exciting journey to Esilon.”

Mannequin on a Carousel is written for the young, the old, and everyone in between who might enjoy taking a journey with their imagination into a world of magic, humor, and fantasy. With a storyline quite different from any other series, it will appeal to Harry Potter fans, and the many new Marvel fans who enjoy strong female characters in a heroic setting. In addition to its many strong, likeable female characters, you’ll meet non-traditional gender beings, all of them complex and distinctive, and all fighting for their place in the universe.


Bill Watson is a writer and a pen and ink artist living in Los Angeles. Watson’s artwork, which is prevalent throughout the series, acts as a guide to the reader, with essential maps and diagrams guiding them on this journey. Watson’s poster art has won “Best in Show” at CreationCon for its innovative transcendent themes of sci-fi and fantasy. At present, Mannequin on a Carousel is solely available on Kindle.

Media Inquiries: For interviews or book reviews, please contact William S. Watson at: (310) 560-9248 or email: [email protected].

To download a Kindle copy of the book, please visit: https://tinyurl.com/ybhcgq98. (This book is free with Kindle Unlimited).

For more information on Mannequin on a Carousel, go to: https://www.facebook.com/williamswatsonwrites