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IntelliServe L.L.C.

IntelliServe LLC, based in Carlsbad, California, is a high tech consulting, training and Internet services firm. Founded by information technologies trainer Timothy P. Beck, IntelliServe provides up-to-date technology development, software training and consulting services complete with dynamic website technologies.

IntelliServe was founded to provide small to mid-sized businesses with training in high technology software and to raise consumer awareness about ways technology could enhance their businesses and make them run more efficiently.

The founding of IntelliServe came about quite suddenly when Mr. Beck, then the Senior Instructor and Consultant for a Southern California consulting firm, learned his company was closing down their educational training division. Given the option of taking over all the company’s existing contracts – with no strings attached – Mr. Beck founded IntelliServe LLC as its solo trainer in May 1997.

A leading trainer in Sybase technology, Beck initially spent the first year on the road training Sybase’s clients in the use of their database technology. As outside business grew, IntelliServe began hiring additional consultants and expanded its service offerings to include courseware development.

In 1999, with the massive growth of Internet-based companies and E-commerce, IntelliServe formed an alliance with website server RJS Internet developing dynamic website technologies. By keeping these technologies cost effective for small businesses, both firms experienced rapid growth. In early 2000, IntelliServe bought out RJS’s Server portion of their business and now provides dynamic technologies and website hosting services through their Internet Services division.

Tim Beck, IntelliServe’s Managing Partner, is the founder of three, former technology-related companies – the first, a computer supply company that he founded out of his parents’ home when he was sixteen years old. The young entrepreneur later founded a consulting firm providing Personal Computer solutions to small businesses before defining a wider client base and offering technology-consulting services to businesses.

Prior to founding IntelliServe, Mr. Beck served as a programmer analyst, consultant and senior trainer for GDI in Huntington Beach, California; NexGen, in Irvine, California; and DCS Systems, Inc., a Calgary, Canada high technology firm.

With over 400 high tech specialists now working as IntelliServe consultants, the business has established itself as a leading consulting firm in emerging technology. Poised for rapid growth in 2001, Mr. Beck anticipates revenues of over $1 million as they continue to keep clients informed about the latest trends in the rapidly changing world of technology.