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Bolero Home Décor, Inc.

Bolero Home Décor, Inc. was founded in October 2009 by Ronnie Shugar in Sherman Oaks, California to provide quality-designed consumer products to a wide range of distribution retail outlets, offering end users high quality, safe products. His products include: bath soaps, bath and shower sponges, antibacterial hand wipes, antiseptic cleaning hand gels, and shower gels. Another area for which Bolero is well known are its decorative storage boxes, storage containers, decorative stationary sets, and a complete line of pet accessories (Nola for Dogs, Soho Dog), pet toys, doggie waste bags, dog leashes, and plush pet toys.

Mr. Shugar has over 25-years of experience working with consumer products starting with his father’s company, Rovar Soap Company, in the capacity of sales and marketing. Over the years, he has developed several key contacts and relationships with retailers specifically for mass markets. These include Department Stores: TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Ross; Discount Stores: WalMart and Target; Super markets: Super Value and Kroeger; Drugstores: WalGreens, CVS, and Rite Aide; and Value Retailers: Big Lots, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Family Dollar.

With his knowledge and expertise, Mr. Shugar founded Bolero to work with these retailers to develop and source exclusive branded programs such as the Disney/Pixar© brand of health and beautycare items (Toy Story, Princess, Cars, Minnie). Bolero also has developed for Walgreens ten eyecare accessory items, including lens tissues, lens cleaner, and eyeglass screwdriver repair kits which are distributed through their 8,200 stores. Bolero also owns exclusive toothbrush patents which they have licensed to Walgreens for specifically-made toothbrushes that, again, are sold at their 8,200 stores.

What makes Bolero successful is Mr. Shugar’s relationships with retailers and his ability to develop programs for them to get their products distributed to a wide range of outlets. Based on this crucial history and his working relationships with factories and manufacturers in China, retailers feel confident in giving him their projects to develop.

At the end of December 2009, Mr. Shugar went to Xiamen, China (southern China), where he initiated business with several Chinese factories, hiring a manager and quality control personnel to run the operations. Since that time, these relationships have broadened to include factories all over mainland China which manufacture his products.

Mr. Shugar’s edict is to try to keep a low overhead to sustain high profitability. This working philosophy has resulted in year-over-year profits which have increased despite the economic downturn.

On a personal note, Ronnie Shugar grew up in Southern California where he attended school and college. He is a longtime resident of Sherman Oaks, California where he purchased his home in March 2000. He supports several non profits in the Los Angeles area by donating his products to them. These include the Jewish Federation, the Los Angeles Mission, the YWCA for Battered Women, and several County animal shelters.

Over the years, Ronnie has been recognized for his unique packaging concepts in industry publications: Packaging Digest, MMR, and Drugstore Digest. Due to his devotion to his business, Mr. Shugar travels to China every six weeks to check on production and to ensure the highest-quality for all of his product lines. He is well known in his industry due to his ongoing presence in the marketplace and his consistent and ongoing relationships with top retailers, nationwide.