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Jon Morse, The Morse Law Group

Jon Morse, founder of The Morse Law Group, is a Construction, Wrongful Termination and Aviation Attorney based in Westlake Village, CA. He has been an attorney for more than 35 years and is admitted practice in California, Washington and specially admitted in 18 other states. He has supervised litigation in three foreign countries (Canada, Australia and France) and actively participated in a French civil action over an eight-year period, successfully representing an American company which was sued for more than $35 million.

Mr. Morse’s law practice has primarily aviation defending pilots, mechanics, aircraft owners and component part manufacturers in lawsuits arising out of U.S. and foreign airplane crash cases. Jon has successfully He has also successfully represented a pilot who was fired after reporting safety violations and an escrow officer who refused to perform an illegal act.

Jon has also represented construction personnel in connection with accidents and lawsuits. In one case, he collected from an employer who sued its employee. Jon represents those who have been injured in construction accidents as well as entities damaged by construction defects.

Attorney Morse is an experienced engineer and pilot who has been involved in aviation for over 40 years. He holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate and has more than 6,500 hours of flight time. Jon has the experience and expertise to handle complex transactions as well as FAA enforcement actions.