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Edith Derlon Design/ESION

Providing design and architectural innovation for a “forever young” lifestyle.


As one of Europe’s more sought-after interior/architectural designers, Edith Derlon is renowned for her innovative solutions in creating beautiful, functional and healthy residential spaces. Using her own line of soundproofing products and then implementing it in innovative ways, she is able to turn bedrooms into sanctuaries to rejuvenate her clients’ energies, improve their productivity, and help them restore lost youthfulness and beauty.

Edith founded ESION twenty years with a quest to offer innovative design that also helps heal and restore one’s health. Her initial project was to create a stress-free environment in her own home where she could rest and recharge her batteries after her busy workday. In the process, she discovered that the products she needed didn’t exist so she began to develop her own line of soundproofing elements for the floor, ceiling, walls and doors in her bedroom.

This process took time as she tested and refined different construction elements in her own environment, continually trying new ways to create a silent, healing environment that also added beauty and Fung Shui to the resting space. The fruit of her labors produced the brand now known as ESION (noise spelled backwards) which offers its exclusive products to clients, worldwide.

By utilizing soundproofing in her own living space, Edith discovered the many benefits deep, prolonged sleep can provide. She immediately began to feel better, her productivity went through the roof, and her appearance took was restored to a more youthful beauty. As she rolled out these products to others, her clients experienced the same results and her business skyrocketed.

Since that time, the ESION brand has grown to include several new lines including, exclusive, noise-reduction products for infants’ strollers to help them sleep better, soundproofing crates for companion animals to reduce their stress and on the commercial front, a soundproofing product that surrounds construction equipment to alleviate noise for surrounding homes and businesses.

Due to the high-demand for their services, Edith Derlon Design works with a very select group of clients, accepting only a handful of projects each year for which they deliver outstanding results. Combining 20-years of human-centered design with construction expertise with cutting-edge noise reduction products, Edith Derlon creates living spaces that provide a welcome retreat from the outside world and enable one to live healthier, happier, forever-young lifestyles.