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Learn to Use a Map and Compass and Always Prepare for the Unexpected

On April 13th, the Crescenta Valley Group of the Sierra Club joined the Verdugo Hills Group to present a very insightful program called “Preventing Tragedy: Hiking Safety Tips That Every Hiker Should Know Before Setting Out in Our Local Mountains.” This presentation was moderated by Pat Kramer of the CV Group and David Eisenberg of the Verdugo Hills Group. Participating in the 1.5 hour informational presentation were four members of Montrose Search and Rescue: Doug Cramoline, Steve Goldsworthy, Janet Henderson and Cindy Weiner England who stated that if you are lost or injured or someone you know is missing, call 911.  If you are in a wilderness area, the dispatcher will be able to activate search and rescue. There is no charge for Search and Rescue services.

Along with Montrose SAR, there were three instructors from the Sierra Club’s Wilderness Training Course: Will McWhinney, Chapter Outings Management Chair; Jane Simpson, Leadership Training Chair; and Lisa Miyake, a WTC instructor who gave a highly-informative talk on what tools and information can save your life, whether you are hiking alone and injured, are lost, or are with a partner and run into a problem.

If you missed this presentation, you can still watch it with this link, and please share it with your friends. It might save someone’s life:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22aY0Pcy2mI

You are also welcome to access these document from this fascinating presentation: