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New IPDF Software Revolutionizes Interactive Billing


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New IPDF Software Revolutionizes Interactive Billing

Los Angeles, CA (August 20, 2013) – CTP Solutions, a leader in the development and management of receivables for business today announced the launch of their new iPDF billing technology, poised to revolutionize the way invoices are generated. Unlike traditional print and mail technology, iPDF provides a cost-efficient e-statement with no mailing costs, no print costs and it is completed interactive and customizable. With its revolutionary new features, CTP Solutions’ interactive billing software lowers costs, expands CRM and increases customer loyalty. Learn more about iPDF during CTP’s free webinar, “iPDF Technology: Never heard of it? You’d better. Electronic Billing, CRM & Marketing” on Wednesday, September 18th at 8:30 a.m. (PST). To register for the free webinar, go to: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/543644898.

“The iPDF technology is so versatile, it can display variable messaging depending on the demographic for the end user,” states Jack Schachtel, president of CTP Solutions. “The iPDF technology allows customers to interact with a company in ways they have never been able to previously. For instance, one link on their bill lets them chat with customer service, another allows them to access their billing history, while still another takes them to tutorials, or any other products or services that you want to promote. Best of all, our iPDF e-statements provide additional income-generating opportunities for companies to collect revenue from advertisers. So not only does it decrease companies overall costs, but it generates income from each billing cycle.”

With the improved look and feel iPDF brings to the billing statement and invoice, plus the capability to send or receive documents electronically, corporations can present a more appealing modern image plus an enhanced customer experience. Once implemented, anticipated savings of up to 60% will result from print suppression, document consolidation and bundling, all byproducts of CTP Solutions.

“By moving to the iPDF platform, our client banks have been able to substantially reduce our billing expenses while delivering, not only bank statements, but also notices to our customers,” says Bank President Phil Hamiller.

“Unlike other banks, that require the use of an Internet Banking channel, iPDF technology can deliver statements to any customer who has email. With increasing postage costs and the closure of post office facilities, we are very satisfied by our decision to utilize the new iPDF technology. It has generated more customer loyalty with the issuance of ‘real-time’ billing and is proving invaluable to our business customers in reconciling their accounts in a timelier manner.”

CTP Solutions has a 23-year history of leadership in creating critical receivable management and business processes outsource (BPO) solutions for accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll processing applications in a variety of industries. CTP’s web-based e-solutions, iPDF Technologies and integrated print/mail solutions offer complete flexibility and customer control. By emphasizing implementation and operations simplicity, CTP provides cost-effective results which translate into lower initial costs and reduced ongoing operating expenses.

“At CTP Solutions, our mission is to deliver new and improved billing solutions that keep our customers one step ahead of their competitors,” says Jack Schachtel. We believe that a major aspect of the customer experience is the means by which a company manages their customer communications. Our webinar on September 18th will clarify how iPDF Technology can help companies increase cost savings, generate advertising revenue, expand customer loyalty and satisfaction, plus reduce customer attrition.”

For more information about iPDF technology, visit: www.IPDFbilling.com or call Jack Schachtel: 818 597-1222, Ext. 304, or [email protected].