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Animal Rescue Work

I have always believed that animals should be treated with love and kindness. As a child, I knew all of the dogs on my street and several would come to my home after school to play with me. I adored them and enjoyed interacting with the dogs and cats that I came to love.

Today, I continue to help animals in need. I have rescued about a dozen dogs through the years: Zebra, Jasper, Xena, Niko, Mojo, Lily, Blue, Sevie, and Gracie, Sweet Pete, TJ, Mister, and a Daschund that I adopted out after rescuing him from a dangerous-looking group of young males. Most of them became my pets and they lived long and healthy lives.

I also have been a contributor to humane animal associations and non-profits since I was a child. I made my first donation when I was age 11 to the Anti-Vivisection Society. Nowadays, there are more than a dozen organizations I regularly contribute to when I am able.

The links below will tell you more about the stories of animals that I have helped through the years.

If you are an animal lover, thank you for doing the good work!