Why Publicity Efforts Fail

When you set aside a budget for developing new marketing materials or for a press release campaign, don't you want the best results for every dollar you spend?

If you are like most cost – conscious consumers, you want your marketing dollars to produce a measurable response: stimulating sales and creating repeat business. Likewise, your press releases should be written and positioned to elicit the best, possible response from the media via the Internet, the press, radio, and TV. It may come as a surprise to you then, that roughly 75% - 85% of all press releases fail. Why?–There are a few common mistakes that many people unknowingly make. Too often, the writer is inexperienced with the press release format so the material they write is full of clichés, is too bland, or is blatantly sales – oriented. Many times, it lacks a “hook” or is not “newsworthy.”

Then there’s the release distribution and the problems that go with that:
The person in charge of contacting the media is too “busy” to find out when the deadlines are for the media they are contacting, or they only have time to do it at “off” times of the day and are inconsistent in the way they distribute the releases. Many times, the release is sent as a blanket email or a blind fax lacking any personal contact with the news media. Other times, the person calling the media doesn’t know how to deliver the “pitch” when they do speak with someone who could help them.

Obviously, it is important to be prepared when working on a press release campaign and to know the media’s likes, dislikes, schedules, and busy times. You don’t want someone to represent your company who leaves a bad impression because editors remember these small indiscretions and they can stall the progress of your future publicity efforts.

One editor I know told me that his paper had a trashcan situated right under the fax machine: They never read releases that were faxed; they only read the ones that were sent with a personal pitch over the phone.

If your company needs a press release and doesn’t know where to start, please call me for a complimentary consultation. My “hit rate” with the media is higher than most independent companies: 10% - 20% as opposed to the average of 3% - 5%. The reason is that I understand the media from being in their shoes and I give them the respect and courtesy that they deserve while delivering a favorable impression and a strong news angle in all my clients’ press releases.

Writer For Hire can provide local distribution or a combination of local, national or international media distribution which will ultimately find its way into your favorite industry magazines and perhaps on the front page of Google News, Yahoo News, and the Wall Street Journal!

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