Why Hire Writer For Hire?

Dear Business Professional:

You or your company may be known as an “expert” in your field, but are you also an expert at describing your uniqueness to your targeted market in all your written materials?

Do you spend hours trying to come up with a concept on how to market your services or products, only to have a partner, neighbor, or attorney point out, later, that your concept needs improvement?

Have you ever sent a newly – written marketing piece to the printer, only to have it return with “typos” in it – typos that “someone” in your company missed when they signed – off to the printer during the proofing process?

If these situations ring a bell, just know that you don’t ever have to go through that again!

Now let’s talk about how current your marketing materials are: When was the last time your company updated its:
• Primary sales brochure
• Company/Corporate profile
• Executive/Management biographies
• Web Site text

To stay current with the marketplace, companies should update their materials every time they add a new product or service - or every six months, just to freshen the look and the materials. For web sites, new material should be added every month, if possible.

As “Writer For Hire®,” I have written marketing and publicity materials for hundreds of companies, from start – ups to corporations. By hiring my firm to do the work, they have saved thousands of dollars that they would have, otherwise, spent having someone do it in-house.

Many of my clients, who were used to paying higher prices to agencies, have asked, “How can you provide your services at such reasonable rates and still get the job done so quickly?”

As a sole proprietor, I provide individual, hands – on service to each and every client.

You have my assurance that you will not be put on hold or bumped for another client meeting when we are working together.

So next time you need new materials, consider calling Writer For Hire® for a complimentary quote and receive the expertise of a professional writer working with your team.

Writer For Hire® is a certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE), registered by Dun & Bradstreet.