"Pat worked with us through the entire process of creating content for our One Sheet, revising it as we became more focused on our goals, and fine-tuning it to our specifications. She then provided guidance to the graphic artist in making sure the layout was perfectly in tune with our brand and logo. In doing so, she saved me and my partner, DeAnn, time and effort. She produced a great product!” Nancy Hersman, Managing Partner, Chase Hersman, LLP

"Pat, I really like what you did with my biography. Beautiful job!" Dwayne Martyn, Former CEO, Petro-Surge, Inc., Vancouver, Canada


“It is always difficult to describe yourself when you are navigating between the shoals and bravado and modesty. Pat took my descriptions of what I do and melded my inchoate thoughts into a compelling story of my practice. I was so impressed that I would hire me.” 


"Pat Kramer has helped me with several projects - writing my memoirs, creating a professional bio for a therapists directory, and writing my Linkedin profile so that it reflects my expertise. I have enjoyed working with Pat for the past several years. She has helped me complete projects that I would never have been able to fulfill and complete on my own. She is a valuable asset to my business!" Dr. Bushra Rothstein Psy., PsyA

"Dear Pat: Thank you so much for your kind help with the content of the English part of my website. It has been a real musical process adjusting and readjusting words and sentences until the tonality of the text was at the quality level it is now. I will gladly recommend you to anyone I know will need your fine service. mit freundlichen Gruessen." Albrech von Reininghaus, Audio Brand ManagementMuenchen, Germany

“Pat is organized, efficient, punctual, and extremely competent. Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. She will be a valuable asset for any organization.” Ben Drillings, President, American Israeli Medical Association 

"I hired Pat to develop my Linkedin profile. She gave me expert advise and was able simplify the process by giving me a better understanding of how the site works. If you need someone to put words in your mouth, I recommend Pat." Steve Smith, Agent, State Farm Insurance

“Pat was very professional and knowlegable about helping me write content and set up my Linked-In account. She clearly demonstrated how to maximize features and networking opportunities in Linked-In. I highly recommend using Pat for updating and managing your Linked-In account.” Jody Moore, California Printing, Marketing and Design

“Pat has never let me down. Her work ethic is fantastic, works fast and is exceptional at doing her job. She is creative and offers cost effective solutions when given the opportunity.”  Xochitl Morales-Celarie, Corporate Recruiter

"Pat is very easy to work with. One phone call from me and she was able to write my abstract and submit it to my upcoming national convention -- in less than a week's time. I was really impressed!" John White, DDS
“I had my resume and cover letter written by Pat Kramer and thought she did a superb job. She is very good at describing the resume owner's accomplishments and strong in knowing how to say things as they should be said. I think she is a genius in the way she words a resume; it is a huge strength of hers.” Joyce Konda

"Over the past several months, Pat has worked on a project that is very personal to me and as well as my entire family.  We had no idea where to begin and what steps to follow but Pat led us along with her insight, experience and true professionalism guiding us through to introduce our product to the market place.  With great dedication and compassion, Pat helped up tell the story of my late mother, Barbara Robb, a 5-year Cancer survivor, to the world.


Our family has come to deeply appreciate and respect all the wonderful qualities that Pat has show us not only for the project but her sensitivity of writing about our Mother. To me, Pat is  truly an artist that can take something so raw and mould and shape it into something beautiful to be admired by her client and the people who it is meant to be shared with.


Every time, on each project, we have been pleased with Pat's creativity and foresight to bring our stories to life with great meaning behind them. As our family always talks about how blessed we are to have our Mother still in our lives, we feel the same way about Pat - to have found someone out there to help guide us through this emotional story.  For that, we All thank you, Pat, and look forward to meeting you in person." The Robb Family


"Pat is a great speaker! I have seen her speak twice on the subject of enhancing one’s social media presence, most recently at a CalCPA discussion group. I recommend her to anyone wanting to find out more about the marketing and public relations uses of LinkedIn."  John Jacobson, Of Counsel, Baker, Olson LeCroy & Danielian
“Pat was a great writer at City of Hope for our publications; she was a quick learner and filed a wide range of stories on different topics related to healthcare, biomedical research and fundraising events. Additionally, she had a knack for finding interesting ideas and going-ons that got developed into wonderful articles.” H.Chung So , Assistant Media Relations Specialist , City of Hope, July 18, 2007.
“Working with Pat is a great experience. She delivers fantastic results, fast, and to the point. I look forward to working with her in the future.” Jacob Eberhart, Law firm associate, August 5, 2009.
“Pat is bright and witty, with good knowledge of the public relations and press release field. Her writings are concise and well thought out which has produced excellent results for our company.” Bob Walters, President, Freight Management Inc., May 19, 2009.
“As President of the LA Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association [ISSA-LA], it gives me great pleasure to be able to recommend Pat. The quality of Pat's work and her professionalism were both exemplory as she helped us successfully promote ISSA-LA's first-annual Information Security Summit. She demonstrated her 25+ years of experience working with us to find that just-right pitch' to the C-levels whose attendance was so important. Her turnaround time was always fast; we never had to wait for her. We not only got great press results, but the Summit broke all our attendance and financial goals. Thank you, Pat!”  Stan Stahl, ISSA-LA, July 23, 2009.
“Pat Kramer worked with our Board of Directors on several press releases and articles and it was amazing how she could put things together in such a precise and effective way to get across our marketing and public relations message to our travel and tourism professional colleagues. We had great success with her work and would recommend her to anyone wishing to have a real professional writer on your team!” Joanie McClellan , former Executive Director, Travel and Tourism Marketing Association, July 10, 2009.
"As a Graphic Designer, I can count on receiving material from Pat which is routinely well written, complete, and well-organized. The feedback that I get from clients is that they are also very pleased with her work. It has been a delight to work with Pat on many professional assignments.” Risa Koppel Graphic Artist, June 25, 2009.
“To all: Pat has been working with the Granada Hills North Neghborhood Council for five years now and always provides us with the Three P's: Proficiency in her writing work, a Pleasant attitude and Positive results in better informing our stakeholders about the work that we do. She always meets or exceeds our timelines and is a great help to us overall! It is indeed a plaeasure (4th "P") to work with her. It is indeed a plaeasure (4th "P") to work with her. Skip Leifer, Granada Hills North Neighborhood CouncilJune 25, 2009.
“Pat is a true professional. She's easy to work with, stays focused on the big picture and stays within budget. She helped develop my web page. As a result of her efforts, I'm getting 6-10 "hits" per week.” Sharon Hyder, Hyder & AssociatesJune 25, 2009,
“Pat was able to clearly write what my business is about, she asked the right questions and produced a one sheet that got me results...a new client. Can't thank her enough.” Jacqueline David - Toma, Your Back Office,  June 24, 2009.
“Pat recently worked closely with me to rework a written proposal I was preparing... We worked together on the phone... bouncing ideas and languaging back and forth which created a great result... she has an intuitive sense about her that helps translate what you are thinking and speaking onto paper... I was very happy with her work and am proud of the final product. Pat is a real pro and I would highly recommend her for your writing projects.” June 18, 2009. Mark Lefko, The Lefko Group
“Pat Kramer is the first person to whom I refer clients when they need press releases, website copy or promotional pieces. She is a superb writer and incredibly accommodating and resourceful. For those clients, who don't have the means to retain a PR firm, Pat provides guidance and excellent PR/marketing advice in addition to her writing skills.” Molly Martin , Senior Account Executive , Marketwire, June 16, 2009.
“As a serial entrepreneur I have used Pat on several occasions to get press releases published. She is a great resource in helping me pull together the press release, get it published and circulated to the right media contacts. She deals with my unrealistic timeframes and acts as our PR agent when we need her. Pat provides a great solution for any company needing assistance in efficiently publishing press releases and most importantly getting them picked up by the right media!” Kelly Tompkins, AdventureLink, May 28, 2009.
“Pat is a good listener and that allows her to grasp clients' needs and respond in a timely manner with valuable input.” Dick Dadamo Business Consultant, May 27, 2009.
“Pat Kramer worked with me on writing my online newsletter. She made improvements that helped the piece quite a bit. She was very easy to work with.” Ryan Krane Tennis Coach, May 19, 2009.
“Writer Pat Kramer wrote my press release and first TV commercial. Her contribution to the growth of my company has been very significant. She is a great writer, fast, does not waste anytime and is solid in her craft. I highly recommend Pat for any of your writing needs.” Mae Ross TalentShowcase3-2-1 May 19, 2009.
“Pat Kramer did an excellent job writing the content on multiple web site projects and brochures that I was working on for my clients. I give her my highest recommendation.” Martin Blochberger MBI Designs, May 19, 2009.
“I have worked with Pat on several occasions. I can say she is a quick study of any subject and presents a positive attitude toward my work and my clients. She is very professional and I never have to worry that a job won't be done right and on time.” Phyllis Folb Public Relations, May 19, 2009.
"Pat is a life saver when it comes to those last minute dead-lines. She makes it seem so easy, but that’s just because she is a real professional. She took the simple things I was thinking of saying and put the right touch of magic in my words. I can’t recommend her enough." Bob Williams, Masseuse, May 19, 2009.
“I personally recommend Pat. She has written content for AbleTel and for several of our clients. I have the utmost confidence in her abilities and consider her a member of my team not just a vendor.” Neal Duncan , President , AbleTel, Inc., May 15, 2009.
“Once again, Pat Kramer wrote a press release for us that completely captured the essence of who we are and what we do - and she did it in a format that will generate new business in a very effective manner. By hiring her, we got a great press release written and distributed on the internet, which now highlights our firm on all the search engines! I am very excited about doing more press releases with Pat's help.” Robert Grossman Focus Creative Group, February 9, 2009.
“If you need a press release, marketing materials or publicity, call Pat right away. She has developed a comprehensive methodology to capture what is important to you and then she crafts a powerful message directed at your target audience” Robert Grossman , Founder & President , Focus Creative Group, July 17, 2007.
“I hired Pat to assist me in writing a document (one-sheet). Pat's expertise and creativity provided me with a document that far exceeded my expectations. I have reocmmended Pat to others, and I heartily recomend her to anyone in need of a business wirter.” Peter Iannone, CPA, CFF June 24, 2009.
“Pat did a great job leading me through the process on an article she wrote for our company. She interviewed me, accepted ideas, wrote the article, and it came out wonderfully written (and early). I would hire her again!” David OderbergTerraSage Website Services, June 17, 2009
“I have known Pat Kramer for several years, have recommended her to clients, and have seen her work. She also assisted me greatly in finalizing a format for a Newsletter which I send many members of my network groups. She is a great resource as a lecturer on technology related to web publishing, which is just one of the many skills which she possesses. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a trusted and respected advisor.” Christopher Brooks , Owner, Three Dot Solutions, LLC May 5, 2009

“Pat Kramer is quite special as a writer. She is able to capture and convey ideas in a concise manner that is informative and entertaining to read.” April 30, 2009, Wayne McDonald , Founder , Holistic Network Exchange

Report Writer at City of Los Angeles Dept. of Neighborhood Councils

“Pat has never let me down. Her work ethic is fantastic, works fast and is exceptional at doing her job. She is creative and offers cost effective solutions when given the opportunity.” Xochitl Morales-Celarie, Apple One Reporters, July 22, 2009, Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , High Integrity

“Pat is wonderful at taking the concept of something through to something amazing where it sends the message and gets results. She's very thorough, going over the project in detail to save all time. She is deadline oriented and makes sure the job is complete.” Cindy Cleghorn May 14, 2009.
“Pat has been taking the minutes at our Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council meetings for the last few years. It has made a wonderful improvement. They are accurate and delivered reliably, usually within 24 hours. What a godsend! Before Pat came to work for us, the minutes were done by volunteers and was quite a burden. And we never knew when they would be finished and turned in. Now, with Pat taking our minutes, we never have to worry about them. Thank you Pat!” Mark Seigel July 7, 2009.
“Pat is a dedicated writer who will work very hard to make sure that the end result is what you want it to be. She's enthusiastic and pleasant to work with. I'd work with her again!” June 25, 2009, Monique Stover , Web Developer , Emerald Cat Web Design
“Ms. Kramer's was always one of the first names we on the in-house editorial staff thought of when we needed a review, article or interview at Boxoffice Magazine. That title is now well in the past for both of us, but from everything Pat has accomplished since her days at BX she seems to have taken our much-missed publisher's motto to heart: Onward and upward!” September 15, 2009, Kim Williamson , Editor-in-Chief , Boxoffice Magazine and boxoffice.com
“The press release Pat wrote for us appeared on MSNBC and other amazing sites and has totally helped with Search Engine Optimization. We are now #1 and #2 on Google searches, a huge feat against much larger companies and we are getting more hits every day.” Dan Rosen, President, Credit-Aid Credit Repair Software

“Pat Kramer has a unique ability to combine thoughts and programs in a manner that effectively conveys our message to our customers and potential clients.  She has a real skill in this field and I can strongly recommend her to any others who need a professional writer.” 

Bob Walters, President, Freight Management, Inc.


“Pat’s writing and interpersonal skills were an asset to us when launching our new Home Theater division. Both the press release and subsequent advertorial were entertaining and informative and elicited a great response from the media.” Linda Green, Director of Marketing, Hoffman Video

“Pat did a great job on writing the content for my website, The Wise Granny. It has to be the best marketing money I’ve ever spent!” Martin Blochberger, President, MBI Productions

“I am extremely impressed with writer Pat Kramer. She is a true professional in every sense of the word. What she wrote for me got by business immediate results and I would not hesitate to hire her again!” Mae Ross, President, 3.2.1. Talent Showcase Studios

“If you need a press release, marketing materials or publicity, call Pat right away. She has developed a comprehensive methodology to capture what is important to you and then she crafts a powerful message directed at your target audience.”  Robert Grossman, President, Focus Creative   


“Pat created a biography for an actor/comedian I manage and based on that biography, my client landed a recurring role on a primetime network TV series. I am impressed and amazed at the creativity she possesses."  www.Marcellicompany.com  Rick Marcelli, President, The Marcelli Company


“Pat Kramer’s news releases always elicit a favorable response from the national media generating articles in many prestigious and notable publications including the New York Times and L.A. Times and on TV entertainment shows “Entertainment Tonight” and “E! Entertainment.” Diane Carter, President, Carter Communications


“Pat's letters to Congress on my behalf helped reinstate several million dollars worth of government contracts. Her help with my application for Minority Businessman of the Year Award from the Small Business Administration, L.A., led to the Award, which brought in many more contracts.” Jacques Isaac, President, C-Shore Intl. Inc.


“I've received many compliments on the web site that Pat wrote about my clients and services; everyone has said they enjoyed reading the stories she wrote.  I'm sure Pat will be helping me again when I decide to add to the website in the future.”  Tobey Dodge, The Wedding Connection by Tobey Dodge

“I was so pleased with the work that Pat did for my brochure. She has such a unique ability to describe things in a way that makes the reader "taste" the contents of my gourmet baskets. She was so very easy to work with and professional. I would recommend her highly, if you are interested in copy that's important to your business.” Marcia Behar, Marcia's Gift Baskets

“Ms. Kramer always comes up with the right formula to catch the attention of the media. Her writing, while informative and accurate, is always interesting reading as well. Pat's communication skills and writing abilities have helped increase revenue for my business.  She is competent, reliable and gives her all in every project. I can only give Pat my highest praise as a bright, energetic woman.” Lilly Lipton, President, Public Information Network


“Pat's letter to the Top 100 Women-Owned Businesses yielded a 5% return.  I am very happy with the results!” Barbara Price, President, A+ Mailing


“She's dependable, reliable, capable and professional.  I'm always happy with her work.” Barry Gerschikoff, President, Compu Audit


“The materials Pat wrote elicited a tremendous response.  A year and 1/2 later I am still getting results from those materials.” Ruth Jones, M.F.C.C.


“I'm very satisfied with the brochures Pat has written for my company.  They get results!” Jack Rose, Jack Rose Management


“Pat's expertise in writing business letters brought my company new business.  Undoubtedly, we'll use her service for our next project.” Alan Steinhart, Castle Printing & Mailing


“Pat wrote up a description of the services we provide for a legal newsletter. It was so well received it was placed in a statewide newsletter.”

Barry Berkowitz, NOW Messenger Service


And then there are these comments:


"Pat: This was a really great release – love what you did and how easy it was from our side. Looking for more good stuff like this." 

Michael Culhane, President, AdventureLink LLC


"Pat, thank you so much for improving the text from the German translation for Abi. He really appreciated your work and was amazed with the quality and turn around time you provided."
Best regards, Craig Parrish, March 2008


"Pat, thank you again for all your help and attention to this newsletter. It is something I've wanted to do for a long time.  I couldn't have gotten it done without your help.  Thank you so very much!" Cindy Cleghorn, C & M Printers/ Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council, Jan. 2008

"Pat, I read the final report you wrote for our RFP today. Very nicely done!  Your work on our behalf is very much appreciated." Lou Quint, www.healthclubbroker.com 


"Hi Pat! Yes, you are a genius!!  Thank you again for everything you've done.  I had no idea how amazing you were and cannot believe how much action we have had since you came on board!  Thank you for everything!!" Daniel Rosen, President, Credit-Aid, March 2007


"Fabulous job!!! After working with you for the past months, I'm convinced you are the single best strategic marketing decision I made for Chartwell this year. Fortunately, I’m not a ‘could-have, would-have' kinda person. Otherwise, I would be saying to myself, "I should have hired Pat Kramer the moment I met her!" Roxana Lewis, President, Chartwell Travel

"Pat, you are an awesome writer and extremely talented. I really believe it was your work on the application letter that helped my friend’s son to get accepted at USC. Thank you for making it happen!" Marc Pakin


"Pat, We worked Mickey Champion's record to blues and AAA radio a year ago and your write up on the cover of July 2004's Southland Blues was a big help!  THANK YOU for covering such a reluctant legend!"  Peter Petro, Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion