Dog Rescue Stories

Dog rescue is my passion.  Over the years, I have rescued numerous dogs and either found homes for them or taken them in myself.  At present, I have three, large dogs: A 115 lb. Akita named Niko, an 85 lb. Chow/Retreiver mix named Mojo, and a 70 lb. Retreiver mix named Lily.  Prior to this pack, I took in a 7-year old Chihuahua/Schiperkee mix from the pound. Toto stayed with me for about a month before being adopted to a family who renamed him "Mister."  I get reports from them every now and then about how he is doing. He is a very well-loved pet now after previously being locked for 7 years in a garage by his former owner.
Prior to the three I have now, I adopted a 6-year old female brindle Akita, Xena, from an Akita rescue in California. Xena was part of the Lancaster Six, which were six purebred Akitas - all showdogs - that their owner decided to leave at a kennel, never to return. AThe rescue service raised the money for the boarding fees over the course of six months time. Xena had been living in a kennel her whole life - first as a Show Dog by the breeder and then as an abandoned dog. She was a beautiful and special dog - very loving and very sweet.
My first Akita was a male Akita/Shepherd mix, who I named "Jasper" that I found at an animal shelter in Los Angeles. When I adopted him, he was quite wild and feisty but over the course of time he became very devoted and loved to learn new tricks. He was my pet until cancer took him out at the early age of nine.
During the time I had Jasper, I found a Chow/Sheltie mix down in Tijiuana, Mexico while on a shopping trip. T.J. was covered in fleas and very skinny when I found him on a grassy island between the two major freeways going into Tijiuana. He came home with me and stayed with us for about 9 months before we found a family with two young boys in Santa Clarita that really wanted him as a pet.
I also rescued "Sweet Pete," a German Shepherd mix that I found in Ontario while I was at the IMAX for a movie. Pete was covered in ticks and so skinny, you could see all his ribs. Of course I had to take him home with me - and to my vet the next day - where he was given a tick and flea bath, shots, and neutered. About a month later, an animator who worked for Warner Bros. offered to adopt him. Sweet Pete became a character in a comic book series that his owner was illustrating and he was frequently taken to work at the Studio with his owner.
And then there was "Zebra," a German Shepherd/Husky mix who was my close companion from the time she was a puppy right up until her death at 14 years.
I love the company of dogs - all dogs.  Someday, if this business makes enough money, I hope to purchase land where I can build outdoor kennels, runs and an exercise yard for additional dogs, as they make their way into my life.