Using a Blog to Generate Business


Have you thought about starting a blog for your company’s website?  Many professional businesses are doing this now as a way of harvesting new business that is out there and looking for them on the Internet.


If you haven’t previously used a Blog, now is a perfect time to start. There’s never been a better time to reap the rewards offered by this vehicle. To do so, all you need is a good topic, a writer who can dedicate an hour or two a week to generate new content, and way to follow up on the leads that you will get.


I frequently am asked whether a Blog really makes a difference in a company’s marketing efforts, to which I reply, “Of course it does.”  By having a Blog as a link to your website, you will:


  • Raise your rating on the search engines each time you post new content,
  • Draw people to your business who need your expertise,
  • Have a forum where you can feature your choice of topics,
  • Create publicity for your causes
  • Have ready-made content that you can post on article directories or in newsletters.


Interested in starting a Blog? I offer a very affordable starter package that can get you on the right track. Find out how a Blog can help take your business to the next level. Email me for information and let’s get started on your personal or company blog and get your message out there!

Call: (818) 353-5699

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