Animal Lovers Pull Together for an Abused Dog


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Los Angeles (February 10, 2010) – “Toto,” a 7-year old Chihuahua/Schipperke mix, spent his life tied up in a locked garage before a neighbor alerted L.A. City Animal Control.  He then spent another five months sharing a kennel with three other dogs at the West Valley Animal Shelter before a concerned dog lover noticed him and initiated a massive media campaign to find this dog a home.

Writer For Hire Pat Kramer spotted the 14-pound Chihuahua mix with the ‘huge eyes’ last November while visiting the Shelter to adopt another dog.  At that time, “Toto” was on the shelter’s ‘Green List,’ one step away from being euthanized.  Due to being kept in the dark for so many years, his little eyes bulged from exposure to sunlight.  But according to the Shelter’s staff, he was one of the sweetest, most loved dogs there.

Pat recalls, “With the number of dogs needing a home, I was afraid he might get ‘put down’ before I could help him.”

When she returned to adopt him a few weeks later, Toto had kennel couch and was not expected to survive.  However, a few weeks later, he pulled through and on January 5th, Pat began fostering him at her home until a permanent home could be found.  “I was intent on seeing this through,” she says, “no matter how inconvenient it might be.”

To help her along, the local animal rescue foundation, New Leash on Life, pitched in donating a sleeping crate for Toto.  To help socialize him, Jami, a local animal trainer, began teaching him basic social skills.

Over the next few weeks, Toto’s photo and story were posted by on Facebook, Craigs List, and animal rescue sites: New Leash on Life, Second Acts Foundation and Pet Adoption Fund with  Animal Control Officer Gabi Hartel and Mae Ross of 321 Talent Showcase helping with the postings.  Through these efforts, thousands of people were acquainted with Toto’s plight and on January 26th, a local family adopted him.

Today, as a result of many people working together, Toto is now a ‘pet’ for the first time in his life.  No longer tied up or left alone, he has a family to love.

Says Pat, “In the process of helping this little guy, I became aware of the many wonderful people out there who give of their time to rescue unwanted pets.  These people are real ‘saints’ for what they do!”

She adds, “For those who can adopt, please do so now. It’s so critical that these animals get some help.  The love you get back will more than compensate for your costs — and as we know– no act of kindness goes unpaid, especially as it relates to animals.”

Addendum: In April 2017, Pat learned that Toto passed away recently from a heart condition. But during the six years that he lived with his “forever family,” Toto was one of the most loved pets, ever. He grew to love his “little sister,” a Chihuahua, and had a fenced yard to play in and a bed to sleep on inside his family’s San Fernando home.

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Pat Kramer, a freelance writer living in Los Angeles, is the founder of Writer For Hire® and a proponent of animal rescue work and charities supporting humane treatment of animals.

Cargo Theft on the Rise


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Diversified Risk Management, Inc. Urges Companies to Take Proactive Measures

 LOS ANGELES – (November 17, 2010) – California has the highest rate of cargo theft in the nation with a frightening increase in armed robberies, warehouse theft, and truck hijackings occurring throughout  the state.  According to Diversified Risk Management, Inc. (DRM, Inc.), a Southern California workplace investigation firm, many of these incidents are “inside jobs.”  Law enforcement and insurance industry officials estimate that cargo theft costs the U.S. shipping industry over $30 billion per year with most incidents occurring in the fourth quarter of the year.  Thefts are such a great threat that the FBI recently issued an alert last week on this growing crime*.

“Over the past decade, cargo theft has risen dramatically but it’s never been as high as it is now,” says George Ramos, Jr., Managing Partner and Senior Executive Investigator for DRM, Inc.  To off-set millions of dollars in potential losses, Mr. Ramos recommends executives in manufacturing and shipping industries immediately take some definitive action to protect their firms from theft.

“Cargo typically disappears from the truck somewhere between the distribution facility and the final destination,” says Mr. Ramos.  “In our investigations, we have found that either there is an inside connection at the shipping department feeding valuable information to the hijackers, or the freight truck driver is working independently with the criminals.  It’s very rare for hijackers or burglars to approach a truck without already knowing what’s onboard.  The type of merchandise targeted for theft typically includes recyclable metals, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, clothing, building supplies, cigarettes, or food.”

“Before cargo theft occurs, before loads are targeted, we recommend companies perform due diligence through employment background checks.  They especially should demand that their Temp Agency conduct both criminal background checks and drug tests on temporary employees as these workers could pose a risk of infecting the company’s employees.”

“Additionally, distribution and trucking centers should hire a competent investigation firm to place undercover workers on their shipping docks and inside warehouses that are at risk.  Undercover workers can observe employees’ work habits from the inside and document any misconduct.  By taking preventative action, those participating in these crimes can be stopped in time to recover some or all of the stolen cargo.”

Through its investigations into crimes committed in the workplace, DRM, Inc. has broken up numerous theft rings accounting for millions of dollars in stolen merchandise.   Often, these crimes had been going on for years, undetected.  In many cases, they have been instrumental in bringing criminal charges against unscrupulous businesses buying stolen cargo below wholesale prices and have recovered large civil damages for companies.”

“With Los Angeles’ Alameda Corridor being one of the most highly-traveled trucking routes, there’s a huge potential for cargo theft,” says Ramos.  “By initiating pre-holiday investigations, employers can determine whether there is a problem within their operations in time to prevent huge losses during the fourth quarter of 2010 and ensure operations run smoothly at the most vulnerable time of year, the Holiday Season.”

Diversified Risk Management, Inc. is a Los Angeles investigative firm that assists corporations of all kinds, and the attorneys who serve them, in identifying, responding, and mitigating risk through comprehensive and integrated professional service offerings.

DRM, Inc. is known for solving complex business problems, reducing risk and improving profits for clients across the nation and beyond.  For more information about their corporate investigation services, please visit:

Information about the FBI News Story:

Cargo Theft

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Writer For Hire® Pat Kramer to Share Life Journey with Los Angeles’ Inner – City High Schoolers

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Los Angeles, CA (March 23, 2016) – Writer For Hire Pat Kramer, a veteran business copywriter and ghostwriter, today announced that she will share highlights of her 30 year career journey with inner city high school students at Oscar de la Hoya High School on Wednesday, April 20 and at Animo Inglewood High School on May 18th.  The two, one hour presentations are in partnership with the Youth Business Alliance (YBA), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that focuses on bringing critical 21st century business skills and perspectives into the classroom. Pat will be presenting tips on how she went from a “wanna-be writer” in high school to a professional journalist and corporate copywriter in Los Angeles.

The Youth Business Alliance invited Ms. Kramer to share her experiences and achievements over the time she has built her career in an effort to provide high school students with a broader perspective of what it takes to be successful. The YBA was formed in 2012 with one disadvantaged school and has since grown to include 14 high schools serving roughly 350 disadvantaged students each year through its year-long after school course “Introduction to Business & Careers.”

Pat started her career as a radio news broadcaster and journalist working for radio stations in New England. To get her foot in the door of this incredibly limited and competitive industry, Pat had to work every shift around the clock, including all-night at one radio station in Newport, Rhode Island and then a split-shift at the next where she covered both “morning drive time” and “afternoon drive time.”

“I have never worked as hard in my life as I did at the start of my career,” says Pat, who notes that hard work and determination are the winning formula for anyone starting out in the job market. “Most people in their early ‘20s opt out when the going gets tough, but I stuck with it and advanced in my career to the point where I eventually got to call the shots.”

Looking back on her career of 30+ years as a news writer, ghostwriter, and marketing and public relations consultant, Pat believes the challenges she faced led to a tenacity that has helped her succeed in business when other writers have closed down their shops. “I believe all the challenges I have had to face ultimately gave me a wealth of experience in life and now, I’m giving back by helping the youth of today get started on their own career path.”

Speaking before the public is not new to Pat. Over the years, she has presented workshops and seminars for business leaders in a wide variety of industries on how to better communicate their branding messages by using news-oriented press releases, professionally-written articles for trade publications, and blogs on the social media. Pat is a recognized business leader and an active member of her business community in Sunland-Tujunga. She is also an advocate for humane treatment of animals and the ghostwriter of several books and memoirs.

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About Writer For Hire 

Writer For Hire® Pat Kramer specializes in developing informational, editorial, promotional and ghostwritten content for companies and individuals all over the world. Her press releases have helped first-time authors reach “best seller” status on, while her media outreach campaigns have elevated formerly unknown business professionals to “thought leaders” in their industries. Known as Writer For Hire® since 1990, Pat has written more than 1,000 articles for local, national and well respected industry publications.



Northwestern Mutual To Serve as Presenting Sponsor of The Dole Great Race of Agoura Hills

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Woodland Hills, CA (January 29, 2014) — Mitchell Beer CLU®, ChFC®, CFP®, Managing Partner of Northwestern Mutual – The Beer Financial Group, today announced his firm will serve as Presenting Sponsor of the 29th Annual Dole Great Race of Agoura Hills on Saturday, March 22, 2014.  Expectations are that 7,000 runners and another 3,000+ spectators will show up to support this event. Comprised of the nation’s top, two Half Marathons, The Great Race is a major fundraising event for local schools and other charities. This year, the group, will be raising money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) for Childhood Cancer (

“To date ALSF has raised more than $75 million and funded over 375 research projects to help put an end to childhood cancer,” says Mitchell Beer. “We all know someone who has been affected by cancer and we want to use this opportunity to take an active stand in helping raise money for cancer research.

“Additionally, as a financial advisory firm it is our job is to keep our clients in the best financial health possible, so good health is a common theme for us. By sponsoring the Great Race, we support good health and support the schools that educate our clients’ kids and grandkids while making a positive impact in our whole community.”

Mitch got involved with the Great Race six years ago when he decided to run the Half Marathon. “I had never run a Half Marathon before,” says Mitch. It was such a positive experience that many of our financial reps joined me in the effort. Last year, we had 40 – 50 financial reps and staff participate. Everyone enjoyed themselves and it was a great way to bond with others in our community.”

The Great Race is made up of six individual races: the noted Pacific and Chesebro Half Marathons; the Old Agoura 10K, one of the top 10Ks in the country; The Deena Kastor 5K, named for the Olympic Marathon Bronze Medalist and multiple American record holder; the Kids Mile; and The Family Run. This is The Beer Financial Group’s third year as a major sponsor. Last year, the firm raised almost $10,000 for Alex’s Lemonade; this year, their goal is to raise $25,000.


Northwestern Mutual was founded in 1857 to help protect people against financial risk so they can plan for and achieve a secure financial future. With local offices in Woodland Hills, Encino, Santa Barbara and Bakersfield, Northwestern Mutual has been building long-term relationships in the communities they serve by offering expertise with a wide range of insurance and investment products to address individuals’ needs for financial protection and asset accumulation. As the Presenting Sponsor for the Great Race, they will be helping ensure that the Race achieves its financial goals to raise needed funding for local schools such as Agoura Hills and Oak Park elementary schools and high schools.

Northwestern Mutual – The Beer Financial Group is located at 21800 Oxnard Street, Suite 800 in Woodland Hills, CA. For more information, please visit:





AdventureLink Acquires Key Competitor: Adventure Central

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Acquisition Creates the Largest Adventure Travel Booking Company Worldwide

 LOS ANGELES (March 18, 2009) – Continuing to forge ahead with a pattern of unprecedented growth, AdventureLink, Inc. today announced the acquisition of its key competitor, Denver – based Adventure Central Inc., in an all-stock transaction.  In addition, Allegis Capital, the original investor in Adventure Central, has backed AdventureLink with an additional investment. 

AdventureLink is the largest online source for booking adventure travel, worldwide, while Adventure Central is a leading supplier of single day adventure trips. The acquisition brings these two, leading, online travel companies together creating the most comprehensive online source for finding and booking adventure travel.

The combined companies now represent over 55,000 trips and activities sourced from nearly 1,800 suppliers in 165 countries, enabling consumers and travel agents to easily find, learn about and book some of the planet’s most memorable and authentic travel experiences.

AdventureLink CEO Kelly Tompkins states, “Adventure Central is a natural fit for AdventureLink, adding a broad range of day trips to our existing multi-day portfolio. Our objective with this inventory is to forge partnerships with hoteliers, web affiliates, and others interested in utilizing our affiliate system to sell day or multi-day adventure trips.”

Peter Bodine, managing director at Allegis Capital, says the combining of these top adventure travel companies creates a comprehensive source for anyone looking to find, review, or book their next great adventure trip.

“Our firm is extremely bullish on the Adventure Travel sector,” says Bodine, “and AdventureLink represented one of the most attractive ways to monetize the further growth of Adventure Travel on the web.”

In February, AdventureLink announced its launch of the world’s first online booking system for adventure travel developed in conjunction with its partner, VAX VacationAccess. The AdventureLink system opens up booking capability for adventure travel opportunities worldwide providing easy access and distribution to over 70,000 leisure travel agents across North America.

Also in February, AdventureLink announced the completion of ‘Series A’ funding with top Southern California venture capital firms Anthem Venture Partners ( and The Mail Room Fund ( 

With the acquisition, Adventure Central will relocate to AdventureLink’s L.A. headquarters, which will maintain the website.


  About Allegis Capital

Allegis Capital is a seed and early stage venture capital firm focused on the digital economy. The venture firm has five funds and has invested in more than 70 companies including Ironport Systems, RIBBIT, LGC Wireless, SandPiper – Digital Island,, Shopzilla, Comparnet and StepUp Commerce. Based in Palo Alto, California, Allegis has assets under management of $500M.  For more information, visit:

AdventureLink is the largest online source for travel professionals and consumers to book adventure travel with over 60,000 trips offered by over 1,800 tour operators worldwide. For more information, go to:

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Write About Your Experiences

          When I was a young woman in college, my journalism professor asked me to write about a life experience that had influenced me to choose my major in Mass Communications. I remembered how moved I was, as an elementary school student, in reading about the life of Anne Frank as written in her diary during WWII. Anne’s honesty about her feelings and experiences, living with her family and neighbors in close quarters, hidden behind a wall, captured my interest and imagination. It was from that experience that I decided to become a writer.
           So my question to you today is: what experience do you recall from your past that acted as a motivator for you to do what you now do for a profession? Was it a person, an event, someone you met or spoke to, saw in a movie, read about in a book or article, or was it some other influence that touched your heart?
           We all have life experience from the work that we now do and that life experience makes for good stories. Telling a story is the best way to capture the attention of your audience as it brings to life an experience that others can relate to or learn from.
           The next time you are thinking about writing a blog, just think of a life experience that you had or are having — and then write about it.
            If you need help in putting your thoughts on paper, I am always happy to collaborate with others to capture the essence of what they are trying to express. Writing for me is a labor of love. Please contact me if you have any questions about something that you would like to write – for business or personal use. I’m always willing to listen and provide feedback.
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Household Items You Can Use for Emergency Preparedness

It pays to be prepared because we know what damage earthquakes can do. If you are a “prepper,” — that is, someone who is prepared for the possibility of disaster to strike – then you probably don’t mind spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on somewhat costly items in retail stores or catalogues. The City of Los Angeles’ Emergency Management Department provides a comprehensive list of items every household should have on hand to get through disasters that could curtail access to stores, money, and roadways at:

However, did you know that you could also put together your own emergency preparedness supplies with many items that you may already have, as well as inexpensive dollar store (or 99 cent store) items?

At a recent meeting of the Neighborhood Council Emergency Preparedness Alliance, Lorraine Curry, Battalion 13 Coordinator of CERT Battalion 13, pointed out how easy it is to make a solar oven out of a tin can with holes punched in it or by using a simple cardboard box lined with tin foil, topped with a piece of glass to cook or warm food in the sun.

Another simple invention that one could make is a porta potty using trash bags inside a 5-gallon bucket. For the toilet seat, you can use a flexible inflation device, like a child’s floatation device (used in a swimming pool) to line the edges or fashion something out of a piece of wood to sit on. (For those who prefer comfort, you can purchase a toilet seat from an emergency preparedness supplier for a marginal expense).

Important documents that you don’t want to lose (I.D. cards, passports, insurance papers, emergency phone numbers, banking or medical records, and photos of your pets or family members) should be double-bagged in a freezer bag and stored in your freezer. In the event of a fire or earthquake, a freeze will withstand a lot of damage and your documents will be maintained.

As far as items to stock in your car and home’s emergency bags, here are some common essential items: a first aid kit with gauze and bandages, candles and matches, sturdy gloves and boots, extra clothing, emergency supplies of food and water, trash bags and duct tape, toilet paper, blankets, medication, an emergency radio with extra batteries – or even better – one that can be cranked for power and does not require batteries, a lantern and flashlight, and tools such as a crowbar to open windows or doors, should they become stuck.

In addition to stocking up on food for yourself and your family, also have extra food and water on hand for your pets.

Now is the right time to secure any bookshelves or loose items on the wall so they don’t go airborne and hurt someone in a shaker. (Never hang heavy objects over your bed).

Keep a supply of small bills ready to use as stores will not have power to operate cash registers and having cash will be a life saver if you need more food or water. It’s generally suggested that individuals keep $300.00 on hand but for families, that could translate to $500.00 or more.

Always keep a half a tank of gas in your car as you might not be able to get gas in a crisis.

Hang a whistle on your keychain and use it if you need help. You have a better chance of being found by first responders if you can be located.

Hang any flashlights you have by a light switch so you can find them if the power goes out. And always check your batteries every few months to make sure they are working.

Continually rotate your emergency food every six months from your emergency supplies to your pantry. That way, whatever you purchase for an emergency or crisis is fresh and palatable. Power bars are inexpensive and last a long time but there are many items you can find at a dollar store that will contain preservatives and be useful in an emergency.

Finally, if an earthquake that strikes, there are two things that you should do:

1) If you smell gas and suspect a gas leak, turn off the gas.

2) Fill your bathtub with cold water so that you have water available, should the lines be contaminated.

3) If sewage seeps into your potable water, shut off the cold water valve by turning it clockwise until it goes off.

This is critical because after a shaker, sewer lines that are broken may feed contaminated water into your supply. If you shut off your water, you can always use the water in your hot water tank or in the back of your toilets as well as bottled water that you have stocked up on, previously.

Before the next disaster strikes, educate yourself about prepping and put together a family emergency plan so if you get separated from your loved ones, you have a designated third party contact or a meeting place. Here are some websites that you will find useful:,,, www.socal/

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Pat Kramer, aka “Writer For Hire,” is a business writer, ghostwriter and marketing and publicity writer. For more information, please visit:

What Makes You Different or Better Than Your Competition?

This morning I attended an interesting presentation by Eloqui, which is a consultancy that helps business people improve their speaking presentations. As part of a group of 30 or so business people, I was asked to recall from my background anything that could have contributed to my success in my career as a writer for businesses.

I thought about it and recalled that, as early as 8 years old, I loved to read. Not only did I love to read, but I also loved to write. Reading expanded my vocabulary and writing helped me put into action the words I was learning from the many authors I read. Consequently, I learned to love stories about people, their lives, their experiences, and their difficulties and challenges. Mostly, I loved reading about how people had overcome their challenges and learned to use them in ways that were truly inspiring.

My interest in reading and writing led me to Emerson College where I graduated with a degree in Mass Communications. I then used my education to land a job as a radio news reporter – and later as a print news journalist – to tell people stories. That’s essentially what news journalists do: they tell stories about what they see, hear, or experience. Of course, there’s a formula that we have to use in distilling that information to the public, but broken down in its simplest terms, I learned how to tell stories about my subjects, both as a writer and a speaker.

Today, I use my love for story telling in writing about my clients: their accomplishments, their challenges, how they solve problems for their clients, and how they use their experience in unique ways to differentiate themselves (and their companies) from their competition.

Today’s exercise was a valuable one: it reminded me why, as Writer For Hire, I am unique and different from other writers in my field. I know that if you are reading this, you also can use your experience, challenges, and love for what you do in your business.

Writer For Hire Pat Kramer is a business writer, ghostwriter, and social media pro with 30 years’ experience in the news media and as a business writer and marketing/PR strategist. For more information, please visit:

Mission College Opens Sunland-Tujunga Campus April 10, 2017

Mission College opens satellite campus in Sunland-Tujunga.

Mission College President Monte Perez, Ph.D. welcomed city officials, community leaders and members of the public to the new Sunland-Tujunga Campus at a ribbon-cutting event held Tuesday, March 28th. The new campus is located at the Commerce Center, 7200 Foothill Boulevard, Tujunga, CA. Classes for the first eight-week semester officially open on April 10th, 2017.

Crediting Nina Royal, chairperson of the Mission

Mission College President Marco Perez, Ph.D.

College Sunland-Tujunga Campus Committee for her perseverance, Dr. Perez spoke about the hard work that went into planning and coordinating city approvals to open the new campus. Present at the event were former Assemblywoman Patty Lopez, LAUSD Trustee Ernie Moreno, STNC President Krystee Clark, and many others who were instrumental in bringing the community college to Sunland-Tujunga.

Nina Royal began working on bringing Mission College to this area in 2007 by helping to get Measure J passed, which was to provide funding for a satellite college in Sunland-Tujunga. The principle location selected for the campus was the former K-Mart property, now vacant, however in order to open, Royal says the K-Mart property will have to go through some legal issues. “The hope is that the campus will expand to that site sometime in the next few years,” says Royal. “Meanwhile, we need to populate the classes because that will further validate the need for Mission College in this region.”

Chef Louis Eguaras, Department Chair of Mission College’s Culinary Arts Program, stated that he hopes by opening this satellite campus, students can get a start in classes for menu planning, sanitation safety and nutrition. At Mission College’s main campus, 700- 800 students are currently enrolled in the Culinary Arts program which prepares them for a job in many top restaurants and hotels in Southern California and across the country.

In addition to the Culinary Arts program, the initial schedule of classes includes art, music, computer applications, and English as a Second Language. Mission College is a fully-accredited community college offering both credit and non-credit courses.  Students can enroll by going online to:

Pat Kramer, aka “Writer For Hire,” writes content for websites, blogs, press releases, resumes and many other tools to help businesses brand themselves. Pat is a contributing writer for Crescenta Valley Weekly. Read more at: